A study on Egg Manufacturing and you can High quality Depending on the Age away from Five Italian Chicken Twin-Mission Purebred Hens Reared Outside

The newest start of egg putting for hens is actually impacted by genotype, nutritional body condition and you can environment requirements. Local types (light eggshell types-Padovana and Polverara; tinted eggshell types-Pepoi, Ermellinata di Rovigo, Robusta Maculata and you can Robusta Lionata) regarding Veneto region, during the Northern Italy, was indeed reared outside of spring season (6 weeks of age; six WA) so you can autumn and you may winter. The latest onset of laying ranged with regards to the reproduce (22–twenty eight WA): precisely the shaded eggshell breeds become putting after summer/beginning of autumn, on presence out of a lessening absolute photoperiod, and egg design survived for most months. Within 38 WA, fake light are slowly added to the fresh photoperiod to track down 14L:10D, and at 42 WA, the half a dozen breeds was basically putting. Having hens reared external, connections certainly environment, looks opportunity and you may health standards should be thought about. The information into effective give and eggs top-notch the newest local reproduce hens are useful on the handling of the birds as well as an adequate supply of egg, for markets as well as for brooding all year round.


The month of hatching and the rearing management, especially temperature and photoperiod, are important factors for pullets and hens reared outdoors. The yield performance and egg quality of dual-purpose chicken breeds from the Veneto region (Italy), Pepoi (PP), Ermellinata di Rovigo (ER), Robusta Maculata (RM) and Robusta Lionata (RL), with different adult body weights (ABW, kg, PP = 1.3; ER = 2.3, RM and RL = 3.1), were studied, using a factorial model (4 ? 2), considering breed and age (26–33 weeks, first age, summer–autumn, under decreasing natural photoperiod-on average, 12L:12D, and 42–53 weeks, second age, winter, under implemented photoperiod-14L:10D) as the main effects and interaction. The chicks hatched in spring, and they started laying at the end of summer/beginning of autumn. Significant ( p < 0.05)>

1. Introduction

During the last pair decades, demand for twin-goal poultry breeds could have been growing, for biodiversity and you will moral questions. Because of the advances into the hereditary improvements to possess produce show in crossbreed hens done-by a few reproduction companies all around the industry , biodiversity is one of the trick values regarding durability getting as well as agriculture . The fresh moral influence on animal welfare is a deeper extremely important matter, and that considers not simply the brand new rearing criteria of the wild birds however, plus their administration. The fresh guys regarding egg coating hybrids was murdered once hatching, as they do not perform some important development and slaughtering quality questioned for the business . Additionally, hybrid broilers reveal of a lot bodily problems, that do not permit them to has sufficient really-being criteria, and you will free-variety rearing expertise is actually increasing because they allow birds to higher reveal their natural behavior [step 3,4]. During the Italy, this new Veneto area keeps an extended customs out-of chicken reproduction, a number of poultry types have been in existence for some many years, plus the center of the past century, some twin-goal purebreds are formulated playing with light- and brown-eggshell types . The initial character you to distinguishes brand new types, predicated on its origin, is the shade of the eggshell, since chicken genotypes possess a separate phylogenetic supply, which have advanced independently regarding the nuts Gallus genus immediately after domestication, and several system attributes disagree between the two. Following classification advised by the Ghigi, into the 1905, brand new home-based poultry types might be divided in to three teams, predicated on its morphological, biological and you may useful services . You’ll find types, that are such as for example insane Gallus genus, proving very early development and you will sexual maturity and a leading production of egg that have light eggshells. Quite the opposite, discover types highly distinctive from wild Gallus , exhibiting delay increases and you may sexual readiness, lowest eggs creation with brownish eggshells, and you may, from the third group, you can find advanced breeds, also known as twin-goal breeds, which reveal intermediate qualities, with increased resemblance to your breeds from the basic or next classification . In reality, we know your types producing eggs with white eggshells has actually human body development, a beneficial metabolic reputation and you will anatomy far more suited to high egg manufacturing than brown eggshell breeds. So it psychological condition, well shown of the light eggshell hybrids [7,8], implies that this new nutrient consumption can be used for the majority of one’s skeletal and you will muscle growth up until the start of installing after which used for egg design, to prevent race on the taken nourishment between human anatomy advancement and you will eggs formation. Now, education, based on SNP number, genotyped of numerous chicken types and you can hybrids across the globe to check the fresh new genetic diversity anywhere between and you may in communities towards the active management of chicken genetic info [nine,10]. Variations in hereditary variety when you look at the populace was in fact shown involving the extremely chosen commercial level lines and https://lovingwomen.org/sv/blog/gifta-sig-med-en-japansk-kvinna/ many African, Southern Western and many regional Asian and you can Eu types , as well as certain Italian breeds .

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